Monstrous Giggling

Squeal at the sight of a Ferris-wheel

Alice & Orange

Ice cream cone

Ice cream cone


Tie-Dye love :)

2 of me

Staying awake in hope that if I don’t go to sleep tomorrow will not arrive. So stupid.

"That boy that boy that boy, that idot,

He thinks he’s grimy, thinks he’s brilliant,

He doesn’t know his time is limited

Cant see his end is imminent”

LV & Josh Idehen - Imminent

Hudson Music Project here I come :)

The Heretic - The Sound of Animals Fighting

"What carnage you’ve left
[My bumpkin boy]
And you were dead…

Flesh is heretic, my body is a witch,I am burning it”

209 plays

Ofra Haza - Im Nin’alu

Damn, this is nuts. Those sultry vocals, and so much movement in the instrumental sound.

July - Youth Lagoon

"Holding my guitar, I strummed a tune
I sang ‘I love you, but I have to cut you loose’”

Blurry insects